...has talent!


Having fun while staying active, discovering and showing what you are good at while improving your social skills? This is all possible with the sports class at Clusius College Amsterdam. Every week there is different sport in the program. It does not matter if you are good at it or not as long as you have fun! Classes do not only take place in the gym. Activities outside of the school take place about eight times a year and include activities like canoeing, climbing and ice hockey.

These classes are a learning experience for the students. How do you behave on such a trip? What do you do when you are all in the metro? Or cycling with a large group somewhere? How disciplined are you to participate in every one of the sports classes? Because unlike what the name suggests, the students who follow the sports class are not really coming from the same class. The sports class is in fact a fixed group of students from different classes and levels who, in addition to their regular lessons, meet 2 hours a week (during school hours) to exercise under supervision of the gym teachers. This gives the students a chance to meet other students from other classes and learning paths.

In 2017 the sports class started for the first time for the second year. In addition to the different sports, other skills will be discussed. For example, a lesson has to be prepared and given and the students have the chance to organize a tournament.

The Greenies

The Greenies are active at the Clusius branch in Grootebroek.

the Greenies are a team of ten to twelve pre-vocational secondary education students from all years of study who organize various green projects in and around the site with interesting and the wild ideas. For example, the meter readings of the school building are recorded weekly, and the school has its very own environmental center to monitor it. The team actively participates in national campaigns such as the clean-up day and warm sweater day.

"It strikes me that it is the somewhat more timid students that regularly register for The Greenies," says teacher and The Greenies coordinator, Marieke Brehms. The Greenies here are booming. The selection for the team is competative. The candidates write a letter of application that is assessed by the team. Afterwards, the student is invited to a job interview with two team members and the coordinating teacher.

Participation in The Greenies is not solely about the environment. It's a chance for the students to socialize and get to work as a part of a team. The team organizes and coordinates various projects in which the teacher acts as a contact person, chairman of the meetings and an inspirator. The coordinator leaves everything to the students as a learning experience. Students have to be independant and self starters: contacting companies, giving presentations and information and working out ideas together.

School poet of the year

Special attention is given to creative talent.

Every school year, Clusius College in Schagen chooses a school poet. This student writes two poems that get a place in the school building. A great way to give creative talent a stage.

Initiator and Dutch teacher, Gemma Pijnacker says, "Because Dutch lessons are mainly focused on functional and focused writing, creativity threatens to fall into the background." In Pijnacker's lessons, she focuses a lot of attention on stories and poems and tries to get young people back to reading them.

Trade competitions!

In addition to the regular curriculum, students at Clusius College can further develop and improve their talents by participating in professional competitions. This is how we encourage our MBO students to participate in Skills Heroes. In VMBO we take part in the competitions of Skills Talents and Vakkanjers. Recognizing that participation is more important than winning, our participation in 2017 was not without merit! A team of vmbo students from our Alkmaar location managed to win the national finals of Economic Skills Talent. Our MBO students did not manage to reach the finals, but still learned a lot from the semi-finals in which they performed in planning, organizing and working under time-sensitive pressure.

Skills that they can use for the rest of their careers!

Clusiaan National MBO Ambassador 2017: Sil de Weerd

Clusius Student, Sil de Weerd, wins competition and is a year-long figurehead and representative of all MBO students in the Netherlands!

He could hardly believe it when he heard his name ringing through the speakers. Sil de Weerd, student in Nutrition & Education, was elected MBO Ambassador of the Netherlands on the Day of MBO. For the next year, he will represent all MBO students in the Netherlands in many different ways. He can make his voice heard in the media and in politics. Radio interviews or a (live) television program? Nothing is more strange to him at the end of his ambassador's period. In politics he is approached for his ambassadorship, and for special projects. His opinion is asked on topics that he is passionate about. young people and food. This fantastic opportunity for Sil opens all kinds of doors for his future, and gives him confidence in his own abilities.

"I can now do things that I never thought I could do, like giving nutrition information to a large group of people or approaching a politician. I'm glad I got this opportunity! " Sil said.